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Tech Guide Peragos Tube Firmware Update
Last Updated 3 years ago

Firmware Upgrade your Vibesta Peragos Tube

1. Download the appropriate firmware file from the links below.

2. Copy the firmware file to the root directly of an empty FAT32 formatted USB stick.

3. Connect the USB stick with the adapter cable included with the Peragos Tube to the Mini-B USB connector on the connector side of the controller unit.

4. Connect the controller unit to the AC adapter, keep it powered off.

5. When you power it on, the display will show the current firmware version of the tubes controller as well as the version on the USB stick.

6. Select the version from the USB stick you would like to upgrade to and confirm.

7. After confirmation the controller is being upgraded and the progress is shown on the display. After the upgrade the display will show if it succeeded and if so will reboot automatically after 10 seconds.

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