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How can I control a Rayzr MC light wirelessly?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The heart of our wireless system is the RTX-1 router. Here we describe how you configure a lighting setup to be controlled through the RTX-1 router and an app supporting the Art-Net protocol.

Find an installation guide with Luminair 3 here:

1. Select the same frequency in the RTX-1 router and the fixtures it shall control.
2. Connect your mobile or pad to the Wifi access point the RTX-1 creates. You find the access point details on the backside of the unit.
3. In each fixture configure which DMX channel you want the fixture to react to.
4. Open an Art-Net compatible app and create channels corresponding to the DMX channels configured in the fixtures you want to control. For a DMX channel guide for the Rayzr MC series in different modes see the attachments to this article.
5. Control your lights through the Art-Net compatible app.

DMX Manual for the Rayzr MC Series

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